New Books

Papel maché Papel maché
Innes, Miranda.
The French and Indian War, 1754-1763 : the imperial struggle for North America The French and Indian War, 1754-1763 : the imperial struggle for North America
Schwartz, Seymour I., 1928-
Hamlet Hamlet
Hutchinson, Emily.
Wild Cat Wild Cat
Feehan, Christine
Nina Nina's journey : a memoir of Stalin's Russia and the Second World War
Markovna, Nina.
Eight men out : the Black Sox and the 1919 World Series Eight men out : the Black Sox and the 1919 World Series
Asinof, Eliot, 1919-2008.
The culture of calamity : disaster and the making of modern America The culture of calamity : disaster and the making of modern America
Rozario, Kevin.
The other walk : essays The other walk : essays
Birkerts, Sven.
Titanic and the making of James Cameron : the inside story of the three-year adventure that rewrote motion picture history Titanic and the making of James Cameron : the inside story of the three-year adventure that rewrote motion picture history
Parisi, Paula.
Break through pain Break through pain
Young, Shinzen.
The jihad next door : the Lackawanna six and rough justice in an age of terror The jihad next door : the Lackawanna six and rough justice in an age of terror
Temple-Raston, Dina.
Resilience thinking : sustaining ecosystems and people in a changing world Resilience thinking : sustaining ecosystems and people in a changing world
Walker, B. H. (Brian Harrison), 1940-
Introduction to Tolstoy's writings
Simmons, Ernest J. (Ernest Joseph), 1903-1972.
The war complex : World War II in our time The war complex : World War II in our time
Torgovnick, Marianna, 1949-
VW Transporter 1600 automotive repair manual VW Transporter 1600 automotive repair manual
Haynes, John H. (John Harold)
Becoming White Clay : a history and archaeology of Jicarilla Apache enclavement Becoming White Clay : a history and archaeology of Jicarilla Apache enclavement
Eiselt, B. Sunday.
Red : a Haida manga Red : a Haida manga
Yahgulanaas, Michael Nicoll.
Six-gun Snow White Six-gun Snow White
Valente, Catherynne M., 1979- author.
Crucifixion Creek : a Belltree mystery Crucifixion Creek : a Belltree mystery
Maitland, Barry.
Written in stone : a journey through the Stone Age and the origins of modern language Written in stone : a journey through the Stone Age and the origins of modern language
Stevens, Chris, 1964- author.
The triumph of William McKinley : why the election of 1896 still matters The triumph of William McKinley : why the election of 1896 still matters
Rove, Karl, author.
Shadow of the shark Shadow of the shark
Osborne, Mary Pope, author.
A Christmas escape : a novel A Christmas escape : a novel
Perry, Anne, author.
Confessions : the murder of an angel Confessions : the murder of an angel
Patterson, James, 1947- author.
Troublemaker : surviving Hollywood and Scientology Troublemaker : surviving Hollywood and Scientology
Remini, Leah, 1970- author.
438 days : an extraordinary true story of survival at sea 438 days : an extraordinary true story of survival at sea
Franklin, Jonathan, 1964- author.
Make Make 'em laugh : short-term memories of longtime friends
Reynolds, Debbie, author.
Breakaway : beond the goal Breakaway : beond the goal
Morgan, Alex (Alexandra Patricia), 1989- author.
Mystic Mystic
Denzel, Jason, author.
Cross justice Cross justice
Patterson, James, 1947- author.
National Geographic book of nature poetry : more than 200 poems with photographs that float, zoom, and bloom! National Geographic book of nature poetry : more than 200 poems with photographs that float, zoom, and bloom!
The house tells the story : homes of the American presidents The house tells the story : homes of the American presidents
Van Doren, Adam, 1962- author, artist.
This bridge will not be gray This bridge will not be gray
Eggers, Dave, author.
Fatal fever : tracking down Typhoid Mary Fatal fever : tracking down Typhoid Mary
Jarrow, Gail, author.
Strong looks better naked Strong looks better naked
Kardashian, Khloe, 1984- author.
Until we meet again Until we meet again
Collins, Renee, author.
Star wars. Episode VI, Return of the Jedi Star wars. Episode VI, Return of the Jedi
Goodwin, Archie.
What if you had animal hair!? What if you had animal hair!?
Markle, Sandra, author.
The point of vanishing : a memoir of two years in solitude The point of vanishing : a memoir of two years in solitude
Axelrod, Howard, 1973- author.
How to celebrate winter solstice How to celebrate winter solstice
Villegas, Teresa.
Secret of the water dragon Secret of the water dragon
West, Tracey, 1965- author.
Suspicious minds : why we believe conspiracy theories Suspicious minds : why we believe conspiracy theories
Brotherton, Rob, author.
Noragami. 8 : stray god Noragami. 8 : stray god
Adachi, Toka, author, illustrator.
Mormon feminism : essential writings Mormon feminism : essential writings
The fugitive The fugitive
Grisham, John, author.
Petty : the biography Petty : the biography
Zanes, Warren, author.
Jinx Jinx's fire
Blackwood, Sage, author.
Chimera Chimera
Grant, Mira.
The well-educated mind : a guide to the classical education you never had : updated and expanded The well-educated mind : a guide to the classical education you never had : updated and expanded
Bauer, S. Wise, author.
Hat trick Hat trick
Morgan, Alex (Alexandra Patricia), 1989- author.
The secret world of mermaids
Quinn, Jordan, author.
The Year of Lear : Shakespeare in 1606
Shapiro, James, 1955-
Bohemian Gospel
Carpenter, Dana Chamblee, author.
Hotel Ruby
Young, Suzanne, author.
Nonna's Hanukkah surprise
Fisman, Karen.
Thing explainer : complicated stuff in simple words
Munroe, Randall, author.
Vegetarian India : a journey through the best of Indian home cooking
Jaffrey, Madhur, 1933- author.
English-Lao phrasebook with useful wordlist (for Laotians)
Click, clack, ho! ho! ho!
Cronin, Doreen, author.
Big bear little chair
Boyd, Lizi, 1953- author, illustrator.
The gingerbread man loose at Christmas
Murray, Laura, 1970- author.
Little elfie one
Jane, Pamela, author.
Rubin, Adam, 1983-
Mother Bruce
Higgins, Ryan T., author, illustrator.
How to catch Santa
Reagan, Jean, 1965- author.
The little book of skin care : Korean beauty secrets for healthy, glowing skin
Cho, Charlotte, author.
Rad American women A-Z
Schatz, Kate.
British violin makers; a biographical dictionary of British makers of stringed instruments and bows and a critical description of their work, with introductory chapters, and numerous portraits and illustrations
Morris, W. Meredith (William Meredith), 1867-1921.
The Golden Braid
Dickerson, Melanie
The legacy of Hiroshima
Teller, Edward, 1908-2003.
Colefax & Fowler : the best in English interior decoration
Jones, Chester.
The fickle glass : a study of Shakespeare's sonnets
Ramsey, Paul, 1924-
Now we are sixty
Matthew, Christopher, 1939-
The dog in art from rococo to post-modernism
Rosenblum, Robert.
Medieval life and leisure in the Devonshire hunting tapestries
Quantum soup
Huang, Al Chung-liang.
Women's words : the Columbia book of quotations by women
Biggs, Mary.
Famous sayings and their authors; a collection of historical sayings in English, French, German, Greek, Italian, and Latin.
Latham, Edward.
Disney Frozen Fever party book : 22 great ideas for creating your own Frozen party
Ólafur Gunnar Guðlaugsson, author.
B.P.R.D. Hell on Earth. volume 9 : Reign of the black flame
Mignola, Michael, author, cover illustrator.
Punky Brewster
Sellner, Joelle, author.
Unlikeable : the problem with Hillary
Klein, Edward, 1936- author.
B.P.R.D. : vampire
Mignola, Michael, author.
The lost heiress
White, Roseanna M., 1982- author.
Classic rugby clangers : fluffs, fails and foul-ups from the world's rugby pitches
Mortimer, David, 1938-
A bad boy for Christmas
Lemmon, Jessica, author.
The orbital perspective : lessons in seeing the big picture from a journey of seventy-one million miles
Garan, Ron, Jr. (Ronald J.), 1961-
Dark waters : a thriller
Goff, Christine, author.
All sales fatal
DiSilverio, Laura A. H.
The Readaholics and the falcon fiasco : a book club mystery
DiSilverio, Laura A. H., author.
Coast Guard courtship
Carter, Lisa
Cinderella six feet under
Chance, Maia, author.
Prodavet︠s︡ slov
Kivinov, Andreĭ.
Ispanskai︠a︡ opisʹ : (antologii︠a︡ rasskazov)
Jiménez Lozano, José.
Raising Caine
Gannon, Charles E.
Mike Mignola's B.P.R.D. Hell on Earth. 7, A cold day in hell
Mignola, Michael, author.
The lost
McGowan, Claire, author.
Peschanye vsadniki : povestʹ i rasskazy
I︠U︡zefovich, Leonid, 1947-
Fodor's citypack Barcelona's 25 best
Ivory, Michael.
Meyer, Deon, author.
American hunter : how legendary hunters shaped America
Robertson, Willie, 1972- author.
A Knights Bridge Christmas
Neggers, Carla, author.
What you see
Ryan, Hank Phillippi.
Empire of self : a life of Gore Vidal
Parini, Jay, author.
Christmas in Mustang Creek
Miller, Linda Lael, author.
The best American essays 2015
The scorched earth
Karpyshyn, Drew, author.
Microsoft Excel 2016 : step by step
Frye, Curtis, 1968-
Barefoot Summer : a Chapel Springs Romance
Hunter, Denise, 1968- author.
Kazaroza, 1920-1975 : roman
I︠U︡zefovich, Leonid, 1947-
The reckoning stones : a novel of suspense
DiSilverio, Laura A. H., author.
The axeman : a novel
Celestin, Ray, author.
The well-tuned brain : neuroscience and the life well lived
Whybrow, Peter C., author.
Not by sight
Breslin, Kate.
Through waters deep : a novel
Sundin, Sarah, author.
The incredible unlikeliness of being : evolution and the making of us
Roberts, Alice M., author, illustrator.
The Paris key : a novel
Blackwell, Juliet, author.
The Glassblower
Durst-Benning, Petra, 1965-
Pig in love
French, Vivian, author.
Keĭt, istrebitelʹnit︠s︡a demonov
Kenner, Julie.
Chaos unleashed
Karpyshyn, Drew.
The red notebook
Laurain, Antoine, author.
The president's hat
Laurain, Antoine.
The Way Inn : a novel
Wiles, Will.
Kim, Anatoliĭ.
Gideon Smith and the mask of the Ripper
Barnett, David, 1970 January 11-
The summer house
Montefiore, Santa, 1970- author.
Tipping the valet : a workplace mystery
Beck, K. K.
Kosti︠u︡m Arlekina
I︠U︡zefovich, Leonid, 1947-
Zhiznʹ s prepi︠a︡tstvii︠a︡mi : rasskazy, skazki, stikhi
Krivin, Feliks.
Bog dozhdi︠a︡ : [roman]
Kucherskai︠a︡, Maĭi︠a︡.
What happens under the mistletoe
Jeffries, Sabrina.
The paradise of glass
Durst-Benning, Petra, 1965-
A fortunate blizzard
Chase, L. C., author.
Oresama teacher. 19
Tsubaki, Izumi, author, artist.
Yukarism. 4
Shiomi, Chika, author, artist.
Yo-kai watch. 2, [Beware the bristly germs]
Konishi, Noriyuki, author, illustrator.
Yo-kai watch. 1, [Nate's lucky day]
Konishi, Noriyuki, author, illustrator.
City of clowns
Alarcón, Daniel, 1977- author.
The edge of forever
Hurst, Melissa E.
My life before me
McClintock, Norah, author.
101 movies to see before you grow up : be your own movie critic - the must-see movie list for kids
Valle, Suzette, author.
Gathering deep
Maxwell, Lisa, 1979-
The American lady
Durst-Benning, Petra, 1965- author.
The book of Ivy
Engel, Amy, author.
Cuddly animals
Gardner, Charlie.
Sirett, Dawn.
Sirett, Dawn.
Zvezdnyĭ chas po tarifu
Leontʹev, Anton.
Na voĭne kak na voĭne : [povesti]
Kurochkin, Viktor.
Things that go
Sirett, Dawn.
Proshchalʹnyĭ valʹs ; Bessmertie : romany
Kundera, Milan.
Puppies and kittens
Sirett, Dawn.
Vozvrashchenie so zvezd : Glas Gospoda ; povesti
Lem, Stanisław.
Makanin, Vladimir.
Russkiĭ dom
Le Carré, John, 1931-
Prii︠u︡t teneĭ : povesti, rasskazy, roman
Kuraev, Mikhail.
Soli︠a︡ris ; Nepobedimyĭ ; Zvëzdnye dnevniki Iĭona Tikhogo
Lem, Stanisław.
Sirett, Dawn.
Rassledovanie : [romany]
Lem, Stanisław.
Italian blown glass, from ancient Rome to Venice.
Mariacher, Giovanni.
Glassforming; glassmaking for the craftsman
Schuler, Frederic.
Venice : art & architecture
Prater, Gene.
Norman Rockwell : 332 magazine covers
Finch, Christopher.
Nevada : a bicentennial history
Laxalt, Robert, 1923-2001.
Quick & easy Christmas bazaar crafts
Williams, Jim, 1950-
The paper home : side tables, clocks, bowls, and other home projects made from paper
Ishaque, Labeena.
Chinese papercuts, their story and how to make and use them
Temko, Florence.
Carving miniature carousel animals
Power, Dale.
Viennese stained glass designs in full color
Renner, Franz C.
Swift rivers
Meigs, Cornelia, 1884-1973.
Seventh heaven
Hoffman, Alice.
Cross Justice
Patterson, James
How they won the war in the Pacific : Nimitz and his admirals
Hoyt, Edwin Palmer.
The battle for Guadalcanal
Griffith, Samuel B.
Boats, boats, boats
Ruane, Joanna.
Restoring and reupholstering furniture
Davis, Kenneth, 1912-
America's songs : the stories behind the songs of Broadway, Hollywood, and Tin Pan Alley
Furia, Philip, 1943-
David Doty's, a field guide to carnival glass.
Doty, David.
Better Homes and Gardens low-fat meals
The Norman conquests : a trilogy of plays
Ayckbourn, Alan, 1939-
The expert's guide to weight-loss surgery : is it right for me? what happens during surgery? how do I keep the weight off?
Davis, Garth, Dr.
Creative machine knitting
Elliott, Sally-Anne.
Machine Knitting : Technique of Pattern Card Design
Musk, Denise.
The machine knitter's handbook
Pope, Hazel.
After the dance
Rattigan, Terence.
Woman in mind : December bee
Ayckbourn, Alan, 1939-
The deep blue sea
Rattigan, Terence.
Plaza suite
Simon, Neil.
Confessions of a White House ghostwriter : five presidents and other political adventures
Humes, James C.
The paradiso
Dante Alighieri, 1265-1321.
Stylin' : African American expressive culture from its beginnings to the zoot suit
White, Shane.
Winter holiday
Ransome, Arthur, 1884-1967.
The privileged playgoers of Shakespeare's London, 1576-1642
Cook, Ann Jennalie, 1934-
National green building standard : ICC 700.
CFIDS, fibromyalgia, and the virus-allergy link : new therapy for chronic functional illnesses
Duncan, R. Bruce.
Hellenistic art (330-50 B.C.)
Charbonneaux, Jean, 1895-1969.
Art and thought in the Hellenistic Age : the Greek world view, 350-50 BC
Onians, John, 1942-
Buick, Oldsmobile, Pontiac full-size models automotive repair manual
Freund, Ken.
Saving beauty from the beast : how to protect your daughter from an unhealthy relationship
Crompton, Vicki.
Faqr-i tafakkur va mutafakkirān-i faqīr
Asadī, Muḥammad Riz̤ā.
The pleasures of slow food : celebrating authentic traditions, flavors, and recipes
Kummer, Corby.
Le bonheur est assis sur un banc et il attend : roman
Tremblay, Janik.
The innamorati
Snyder, Midori.
Creating unforgettable characters
Seger, Linda.
The Best short plays, 1985
Gunkholing in the San Juan Islands : a comprehensive cruising guide also encompassing Deception Pass to the Canadian boundary
Bailey, Jo (Joanne I.)
Simple glass painting
Owen, Cheryl.
Glass painting
Sedman, Emma.
Bicycling along the world's most exceptional routes
Penn, Rob.
Between earth and sky : poets of the cowboy West
The Best short plays, 1983
Glass painting in an afternoon
Baskett, Mickey.
The African adventure; four hundred years of exploration in the dangerous continent.
Severin, Timothy.
GI : the US Infantryman in World War II
Rush, Robert S., 1951-
Ten little bears : a counting rhyme
Hague, Kathleen.
The spider's gift : a Ukrainian Christmas story
Kimmel, Eric A.
The education of free men
Melby, Ernest Oscar, 1891-1987.
Not in God's name : confronting religious violence
Sacks, Jonathan, 1948- author.
Goodkind, Terry, author.
A wild swan : and other tales
Cunningham, Michael, 1952- author.
The generals : Patton, MacArthur, Marshall, and the winning of World War II
Groom, Winston, 1944-
Always, forever
Ohlin, Nancy.
To hell and back : Europe, 1914-1949
Kershaw, Ian, author.
Down the rabbit hole
But enough about me : a memoir
Reynolds, Burt, author.
Tricky twenty-two : a Stephanie Plum novel
Evanovich, Janet, author.
Neil Simon
Johnson, Robert K. (Robert Kenneth)
Neil Simon, a critical study
McGovern, Edythe M.
Ready-to-tell tales : surefire stories from America's favorite storytellers
C.S. Lewis & Narnia for dummies
Wagner, Richard, 1966-
Skolʹzkai︠a︡ dorozhka Mlechnogo Puti
Serova, Marina.
Cultural traditions in Brazil
Aloian, Molly.
How to tip.
Come on all you ghosts
Zapruder, Matthew, 1967-
Truỵên nǵăn 7 cây bút nam
Truyện ngá̆n chung khảo báo Văn nghệ 2003-2004
Mister Satan's apprentice : a blues memoir
Gussow, Adam.
Just looking : essays on art
Updike, John.
Hizār bīshah
Jamālzādah, Muḥammad ʻAlī.
Āzādī va hays̲īyat-i insānī
The global deal : climate change and the creation of a new era of progress and prosperity
Stern, N. H. (Nicholas Herbert)
The changing image of Beethoven : a study in mythmaking
Comini, Alessandra.
Webster's New World dictionary of music
Slonimsky, Nicolas, 1894-1995.
¿Tú te crees el león?
Urial, author.
Qué te picó la hormiga de los pies a la barriga?
Isabel, Isaías.
Livre d'Aventure Ninja: Ninja Livre Pour Les Enfants Livre De Pet Box Set: Skateboard Pets + Dog Jerks
Ninjo, El.
Je Pete Avec Les Haricots: Adventure Dans La Jungle Livre De Pets Volume 3
Ninjo, El.
Je t'aimerai toujours
Munsch, Robert N., 1945-
¡Rayos y bellotas!
Pavanello, Roberto 1958-
25 cuentos divertidos para leer en 5 minutos
Punset, Ana 1981-
¡Tengo que hacer pipí!
Munsch, Robert N., 1945- author.
Platero and I Platero y yo
Jiménez, Juan Ramón, 1881-1958.
Red Wing collectibles
DePasquale, Dan.
British cathedrals
Johnson, Paul, 1928-
The book of Rookwood pottery.
Peck, Herbert.
Dining customs around the world : with occasional recipes
Mothershead, Alice Bonzi.
Unforgiven : a Fallen novel
Kate, Lauren, author.
Zinky boys : Soviet voices from the Afghanistan war
Aleksievich, Svetlana, 1948- author.
Mead, Richelle.
The big book of Sherlock Holmes stories
The pharaoh's secret : a novel from the NUMA files
Cussler, Clive, author.
Star Wars : shattered empire
Rucka, Greg, author.
The Pioneer Woman cooks. Dinnertime : comfort classics, freezer food, 16-minute meals, and other delicious ways to solve supper
Drummond, Ree, author.
Gulf oil spill
Peppas, Lynn.
Genetic disorders sourcebook : basic consumer health information about heritable disorders, including disorders resulting from abnormalities in specific genes ...
Senegal taxi
Herrera, Juan Felipe.
Half sun, half sleep; new poems.
Swenson, May.
Everything else in the world : poems
Dunn, Stephen, 1939-
The Russian question : at the end of the twentieth century
Solzhenit︠s︡yn, Aleksandr Isaevich, 1918-2008.
Teach yourself visually Office 2016
Marmel, Elaine J.
Ghastly glass
Lavene, Joyce.
Sayre, Justin, author.
Kid Moses : a novel
Thornton, Mark R.
Norwegian by night
Miller, Derek (Derek B.)
Made with love
Goyer, Tricia.
Written in the stars : a Cricket Creek novel
McLane, LuAnn.
Against the ropes
Murray, Jeanette, author.
The unfortunate decisions of Dahlia Moss : a novel
Wirestone, Max.
Envisioning Howard Finster : the religion and art of a stranger from another world
Girardot, N. J., author.
Paris nocturne
Modiano, Patrick, 1945- author.
Na ispytanii︠a︡kh : povestʹ, rasskazy
Grekova, I.
Spiral. 6 Bonds of reasoning
Shirodaira, Kyō, 1974-
Medical assistant exam : strategies, practice & review with practice test.
The LEGO adventure book. volume 3, Robots, planes, cities & more!
Rothrock, Megan, author.
Frankie Avalon's Italian family cookbook : from mom's kitchen to mine to yours
Avalon, Frankie, author.
You don't have to like me : essays on growing up, speaking out, and finding feminism
Nugent, Alida, author.
The marriage season
Miller, Linda Lael, author.
Writing all wrongs
Adams, Ellery.
Spiral. 4 : the bonds of reasoning
Shirodaira, Kyō, 1974-
Shag vlevo, shag vpravo
Gromov, Aleksandr.
God Lemminga
Gromov, Aleksandr.
The do-right
Sandlin, Lisa.
Married 'til Monday
Hunter, Denise, 1968- author.
A naročito Petra
Stupar, Marija, author.
Unto a good land
Moberg, Vilhelm, 1898-1973.
The garlic ballads : a novel
Mo, Yan, 1955-, author.
Twelve Y.O.
Fukui, Harutoshi, 1968-
Vlastelin pustoty : [fantasticheskie romany]
Gromov, Aleksandr (Aleksandr Nikolaevich)
Sezon tumanov. Zapretnai︠a︡ zona. Planeta dli︠a︡ kontakta. Shorokh priboi︠a︡
Guli︠a︡kovskiĭ, Evgeniĭ I︠A︡kovlevich.
French impressions
Phillips, Betty Lou.
Potato pancakes all around : a Hanukkah tale
Hirsh, Marilyn.
The Nez Perce
Bonvillain, Nancy.
A short history of Santa Fe
Hazen-Hammond, Susan.
Snowboarding basics.
The oriental rug lexicon
Stone, Peter F.
The Bulfinch guide to carpets : how to identify, classify, and evaluate antique oriental carpets and rugs
Milanesi, Enza.
Oriental rugs, a complete guide.
Jacobsen, Charles W.
The future of the European past
Great thinkers of the Eastern world : the major thinkers and the philosophical and religious classics of China, India, Japan, Korea, and the world of Islam
Donna Kooler's encyclopedia of quilting.
Kooler, Donna.
To honor and comfort : native quilting traditions
Black threads : an African American quilting sourcebook
Hicks, Kyra E., 1965-
Standard catalog of Smith & Wesson
Supica, Jim.
Sexual harassment
Ribaudo, Linda, 1956-
Our world
Widener, Sandra.
The surprise garden
Hall, Zoe, 1957-
Thanksgiving 101
Rodgers, Rick.
Thanksgiving: How to Cook It Well
Sifton, Sam.
Dear Mr. You
Parker, Mary -Louise.
Prison Ramen Recipes and Stories from Behind Bars
Collins, Clifton; Alvarez, Gustavo “Goose”.
Williams-Sonoma The Best of Thanksgiving Recipes and inspration for a festive holiday meal
The Editors of Williams-Sonoma.
Thanksgiving Day: The Everything Guide to Thanksgiving Ideas
Cintron, Christopher.
Sharing the Bread An Old-Fashioned Thanksgiving Story
Miller, Pat Zietlow.
Barrymore, Drew.
Notorious RBG The Life and Times of Ruth Bader Ginsburg
Carmon, Irin; Knizhnik, Shana.
I Feel Like Going On Life, Game, and Glory
Lewis, Ray; Paisner, Daniel.
Lights Out A Cyberattack, A Nation Unprepared, Surviving the Aftermath
Koppel, Ted.
Hunger Makes Me a Modern Girl A Memoir
Brownstein, Carrie.
Extreme Ownership How U.S. Navy SEALs Lead and Win
Willink, Jocko; Babin, Leif.
Oakley, Tyler.
Do Unto Animals A Friendly Guide to How Animals Live, and How We Can Make Their Lives Better
Stewart, Tracey.
The Thanksgiving MEGAPACK™ 35 Holiday Classics for Thanksgiving
Henry, O.; Freeman, Mary Wilkins; Eliot, George; Stowe, Harriet Beecher; Hawthorne, Nathaniel.
Magic Tree House Fact & Fiction: Thanksgiving
Osborne, Mary Pope; Boyce, Natalie Pope.
Nickommoh! A Thanksgiving Celebration
Koller, Jackie French.
Good Eating's Thanksgiving Recipes Traditional and Unique Holiday Recipes for Desserts, Sides, Turkey and More
P Is for Pilgrim A Thanksgiving Alphabet
Crane, Carol.
Giving Thanks Poems, Prayers, and Praise Songs of Thanksgiving
Paterson, Katherine.
What Was the First Thanksgiving?
Holub, Joan.
Hall, M.C..
Paper Crafts for Thanksgiving
McGee, Randel.
Crippled America
Trump, Donald J.
Fast Break
Lupica, Mike
Peterson Haddix, Margaret
The Conquest of Happiness
Russell, Bertrand
Bridge of Spies
Whittell, Giles
Lola and the Boy Next Door
Perkins, Stephanie
The Murder of an Angel
Paetro, Maxine
So Good They Can't Ignore You
Newport, Cal
The Generosity Network
Weber, Karl
Peterson Haddix, Margaret
Bowman, Erin
Thomas Jefferson and the Tripoli Pirates
Yaeger, Don
Content Marketing for Nonprofits
Leroux Miller, Kivi
The Hired Girl
Schlitz, Laura Amy
Nisbett, Richard E.
The Zen of Fundraising
Burnett, Ken
Munoz Ryan, Pam
The Complete Big Nate, Volume 1
Peirce, Lincoln
Burning Down the House
Bernstein, Nell
The Nonprofit Marketing Guide
Leroux Miller, Kivi
Adult Children of Emotionally Immature Parents
Gibson, Lindsay C.
Fearless 2
Pascal, Francine
Rough Ride
Kimmage, Paul
The Do-It-Yourself Bailout
Golde, Kenny
Ancillary Mercy
Leckie, Ann
Did You Ever Have a Family
Clegg, Bill
The Essential Bernie Sanders and His Vision for America
Tasini, Jonathan
The Battling Bands
Cammuso, Frank
Government Zero
Savage, Michael
The Emperor of All Maladies
Mukherjee, Siddhartha
The Dragon Players
Cammuso, Frank
Lhind the Thief
Smith, Sherwood
Paley, Rebecca
Capturing light and color with pastel
Dawson, Doug, 1944-
City on Fire
Hallberg, Garth Risk
Confessions of a Sociopath
Thomas, M.E.
My Bloody Life
Sanchez, Reymundo
The Whatnot
Bachmann, Stefan
The Dodgeball Chronicles
Cammuso, Frank
Last Chance in Texas
Hubner, John
Schiff, Stacy
Hopkins, Ellen
Becoming Nicole
Nutt, Amy Ellis
Mead, Richelle
Avenue of Mysteries
Irving, John
Artists in Times of War
Zinn, Howard
The Cabinet of Curiosities
Trevayne, Emma
Bleach. 65, Marching out the zombies
Kubo, Tite, author, artist.
The Brontë plot
Reay, Katherine, 1970- author.
American copper
Ray, Shann.
Ajin : demi-human. 6
Sakurai, Gamon, author.
Naruto. Vol. 72, Uzumaki Naruto
Kishimoto, Masashi, 1974- author, artist.
Nisekoi, false love. Vol. 12, Festival
Komi, Naoshi, 1986- author, artist.
Darkest before dawn
Banks, Maya, author.
All dressed in white : an under suspicion novel
Clark, Mary Higgins.
This book loves you
PewDiePie, 1989- author.
Recipes for love and murder
Andrew, Sally, author.
A bride's story. Volume 6
Mori, Kaoru, 1978- author, illustrator.
Alone on the wall
Honnold, Alex, author.
Sinatra : the chairman
Kaplan, James, 1951- author.
Ardennes 1944 : Hitler's last gamble
Beevor, Antony, 1946-
Rosemary : the hidden Kennedy daughter
Larson, Kate Clifford, author.
Sam Phillips : the man who invented rock 'n' roll
Guralnick, Peter, author.
W is for Webster : Noah Webster and his American dictionary
Fern, Tracey E., author.
SPQR : a history of ancient Rome
Beard, Mary, 1955- author.
Black dragon river : a journey down the Amur River at the borderlands of empires
Ziegler, Dominic, author.
The magic strings of Frankie Presto
Albom, Mitch, 1958-
Hotels of North America : a novel
Moody, Rick, author.
Beloved dog
Kalman, Maira, author, artist.
Untimely death : a Shakespeare in the Catskills mystery
Duncan, Elizabeth J., author.
The guilty
Baldacci, David, author.
Can I say : living large, cheating death, and drums, drums, drums
Barker, Travis, author.
The promise
Crais, Robert, author.
Building antique model cars in wood
Reeves, William, 1944-
Folk music and dances of Ireland
Breathnach, Breandán.
Riverdance : the story
Smyth, Sam.
Oskar Kokoschka, 1886-1980.
Calvocoressi, Richard.
Rolling stone : the seventies
And if I perish : frontline U.S. Army nurses in World War II
Monahan, Evelyn.
The churches the apostles left behind
Brown, Raymond E. (Raymond Edward), 1928-1998
An invitation to sin
Vdoviĭ parokhod : povestʹ
Grekova, I.
Ideals Christmas.
Bitch Planet. Book one, Extraordinary machine
DeConnick, Kelly Sue, creator, author.
Voices from Chernobyl : the oral history of a nuclear disaster
Aleksievich, Svetlana, 1948- author.
The defining decade : why your twenties matter and how to make the most of them now
Jay, Meg.
Rising darkness
Mehl, Nancy, author.
Miss Burton unmasks a prince : a regency romance
Moore, Jennifer (Jennifer Lunt), author.
The Apartment therapy complete home book
Gillingham-Ryan, Maxwell.
Otshelʹnik, bashni︠a︡, kolesnit︠s︡a
Harris, Joanne, 1964-
It ended badly : thirteen of the worst breakups in history
Wright, Jennifer (New York Observer columnist), author.
The Guilty
Baldacci, David
But enough about me a memoir
Reynolds, Burt, author.
The catbird's song : prose pieces, 1963-1995
Wilbur, Richard, 1921-
The seven days; the emergence of Lee.
Dowdey, Clifford, 1904-
High performance beauty : makeup & skin care for dance, cheer, show choir, pageants & ice skating
Dion, Christine.
Period make-up for the stage : step-by-step
Swinfield, Rosemarie.
Georgia O'Keeffe
Frazier, Nancy.
Dream houses, the Edwardian ideal
Gradidge, Roderick.
The catboat book.
Leavens, John M.
Sports : the complete visual reference
Fortin, François.
Saying grace : blessings for the family table
McElwain, Sarah.
The transition companion : making your community more resilient in uncertain times
Hopkins, Rob, 1968-
The Encyclopedia of the Holocaust
Belyĭ oleandr
Fitch, Janet, 1955-
Chuzhak : kniga iz t︠s︡ikla "Labirinty Ekho"
Fraĭ, Maksim, 1965-
Shum i i︠a︡rostʹ ; Svet v avguste ; Oskvernitelʹ prakha
Faulkner, William, 1897-1962.
Vozvrashchenie v Mikhaĭlovskoe : roman
Goller, B. (Boris)
Frayn, Michael.
Trizna bezumii︠a︡
García Márquez, Gabriel, 1927-2014
Dukh li︠u︡bvi : roman
Du Maurier, Daphne, 1907-1989.
The diamond caper
Mayle, Peter, author.
Bush babies
Clark, Willow.
South toward home : travels in Southern literature
Eby, Margaret, author.
Osenʹ patriarkha ; Palai︠a︡ listva : roman, povestʹ, rasskazy
García Márquez, Gabriel, 1927-2014
Injustice : a novel
Goodman, Lee, author.
Mitchell, Shay, 1987- author.
Lapshin i drugie : povesti
German, I︠U︡riĭ Pavlovich, 1910-1967.
Geroi moego vremeni
Denezhkina, Irina.
Tarantella, ili Tant︠s︡y s paukami : roman ; Kont︠s︡ert. Dama v lodke. Spi︠a︡shchai︠a︡ Anzhelʹ : rasskazy
Dubchak, Anna.
Zhutko gromko & zapredelʹno blizko
Foer, Jonathan Safran, 1977-
The perfume lover : a personal history of scent
Beaulieu, Denyse.
Rybka po imeni Zaĭka
Don?t|sova, Darʹ?i|a
Letters to Vera
Nabokov, Vladimir Vladimirovich, 1899-1977, author.
Where I am : heaven, eternity, and our life beyond the now
Graham, Billy, 1918- author.
Quicksand : a novel
Toltz, Steve, 1972- author.
The girl who could not dream
Durst, Sarah Beth.
Young man with camera
Sher, Emil, 1959- author.
Monte verita : rasskazy
Du Maurier, Daphne, 1907-1989.
Boone, Martina.
The ghost and Mrs. Fletcher : a Murder, she wrote mystery : a novel
Fletcher, Jessica, author.
Paper hearts
Wiviott, Meg, author.
Candy corn murder
Meier, Leslie, author.
Along the infinite sea
Williams, Beatriz.
Amazing fantastic incredible : a marvelous memoir
Lee, Stan, 1922-
Moja Borba. 1
Knausgård, Karl Ove, 1968- author.
Michael bird-boy
DePaola, Tomie, 1934- author, illustrator.
Clementine : the life of Mrs. Winston Churchill
Purnell, Sonia, author.
Beograd večiti grad : sentimentalno putovanje kroz istoriju.
Diklić, Aleksandar, 1970- author.
Taking aim : power and pain, teens and guns
So you don't get lost in the neighborhood : a novel
Modiano, Patrick, 1945- author.
Dela i uzhasy Zheni Osinkinoĭ : Taĭna gibeli Anzheliki
Chudakova, Mariėtta Omarovna.
Sword of honor, or Hours of the dog
Kirk, David, 1985- author.
Tenacity : a thriller
Law, J. S.
A beeline to murder
Lester, Meera, author.
Trema the Earth Lord
Blade, Adam, author.
Amictus the Bug Queen
Blade, Adam, author.
Koldo the Arctic warrior
Blade, Adam, author.
Rokk the walking mountain
Blade, Adam.
Stojković, Dragoljub, author.
Conflict resolution for holy beings : poems
Harjo, Joy, author.
A shadowed evil : a Hawkenlye mystery
Clare, Alys, author.
A perilous alliance
Buckley, Fiona, author.
My diary from the edge of the world
Anderson, Jodi Lynn, author.
Dhooge, Bavo, author.
The iron warrior
Kagawa, Julie, author.
Wicked : memorias de una bruja mala
Maguire, Gregory.
Blazing courage
Halls, Kelly Milner, 1957- author.
Hawkite arrow of the air
Blade, Adam.
Don Pendleton's The executioner. Uncut Terror
Pendleton, Don, 1927-1995, author.
Millennials in America
Scardamalia, Robert, author.
We five : a novel of unintended collaboration
Dunn, Mark, 1956-
Why Sinatra matters
Hamill, Pete, 1935-
Secessia : a novel
Wascom, Kent, 1986- author.
The Big Green Egg book
Koppes, Dirk.
Usos extraordinarios de cosas comunes : 2,198 modos de ahorrar dinero y tiempo
Dozhitʹ do rassveta : povesti
Bykaŭ, Vasilʹ, 1924-2003.
Neletnai︠a︡ pogoda
Bushkov, Aleksandr, 1956-
Bykaŭ, Vasilʹ, 1924-2003.
Twain & Stanley enter paradise
Hijuelos, Oscar, author.
Alward, Amy. author.
Some things I've lost
Young, Cybèle, 1972- author, illustrator.
Krovavai︠a︡ komnata
Carter, Angela, 1940-1992.
The wanderers
Ormand, Kate, author.
Daughters unto devils
Lukavics, Amy, author.
Li︠u︡bovnoe zakli︠a︡tie : roman
Carroll, Susan, 1952-
Print︠s︡essa v rozovom
Cabot, Meg.
Veronika reshaet umeretʹ
Coelho, Paulo.
It's a wonderful death
Schmitt, Sarah J.
Túp lều nát
Nguyẽ̂n Đỏ̂ng Chi, author.
"Imperii︠a︡ Kremlʹ" : Krepostʹ ili krepostnai︠a︡ sistema?
Belkovskiĭ, Stanislav, author.
The Arendelle Cup
David, Erica, author.
Li︠u︡bovnoe zelʹe kolduna-boltuna : roman
Dont︠s︡ova, Darʹi︠a︡, author.
Amulet snezhnogo cheloveka
Aleksandrova, N. (Natalʹi︠a︡), author.
Machekha v khrustalʹnykh galoshakh
Dont︠s︡ova, Darʹi︠a︡, author.
Palmiotti, Jimmy, author.
Poka moi︠a︡ krasavit︠s︡a spit--
Clark, Mary Higgins.
The keeper
Martin, Darragh.
The puffin of death
Webb, Betty, author.
Coelho, Paulo.
The suffering
Chupeco, Rin, author.
Witch & Curse
Holder, Nancy.
The dogs
Stratton, Allan, author.
David Beckham
Harrison, Paul, 1969-
Mozart, the "Jupiter" symphony, no. 41 in C major, K. 551
Sisman, Elaine Rochelle.
The Jewish state : an idea and its betrayal
Hazony, Yoram.
Firebirds soaring : an anthology of original speculative fiction
J.R.R. Tolkien : author of the century
Shippey, T. A.
The first of the few : fighter pilots of the First World War
Winter, Denis.
The devil's own work : the Civil War draft riots and the fight to reconstruct America
Schecter, Barnet.
Na mele o Hawai'i nei = 101 Hawaiian songs.
Elbert, Samuel H. (Samuel Hoyt), 1907-1997, comp.
A visual history of twentieth-century architecture.
Sharp, Dennis.
20th century architecture : the structures that shaped the century
Glancey, Jonathan.
Composite construction for homebuilt aircraft : the basic handbook of composite aircraft aerodynamics, construction, maintenance and repair plus, how-to and design information
Lambie, Jack.
Adopting a pet for dummies
Adamson, Eve.
Robots, machines in man's image
Asimov, Isaac, 1920-1992.
Plantepedia : the houseplant encyclopedia
Stuckey, Maggie.
Nature cures : the history of alternative medicine in America
Whorton, James C., 1942-
The soy dessert and baking book : add soy--and nutrition--to your favorite cakes, cookies, pies, tarts, muffins, quick breads, puddings, and other desserts
Housez, Brita.
Sports injuries information for teens : health tips about sports injuries and injury prevention : including facts about specific injuries, emergency treatment, rehabilitation, sports, safety, competition stress, fitness, sports nutrition, steroid risks, a
Geothermal power
The gilded hour
Donati, Sara, 1956- author.
A guest at the shooters' banquet : my grandfather's SS past, my Jewish family, a search for the truth
Gabis, Rita, 1957- author.
The essential enneagram : the definitive personality test and self-discovery guide
Come hell or highball : a mystery
Chance, Maia, author.
Other people's money : the real business of finance
Kay, J. A. (John Anderson), author.
The mulberry bush : a novel
McCarry, Charles, author.
The white ghost
Benn, James R., author.
Forgotten voices
Adams, Jane, 1960- author.
The spy house
Dunn, Matthew, 1968- author.
Dolina otkroveniĭ
Abdullaev, Chingiz, author.
Tainstvennyĭ sapfir apostola Petra
Aleksandrova, N. (Natalʹi︠a︡), author.
Schastʹe s tretʹeĭ popytki
Romanova, Galina (Galina Vladimirovna), author.
Marina Durnovo : moĭ muzh Daniil Kharms
Durnovo, Marina (Marina Vladimirovna), interviewee.
Taĭna gollandskikh izrazt︠s︡ov
Dezombre, Darʹi︠a︡, author.
Područje bez signala
Perišić, Robert, 1969- author.
Ne govori ni slova
Brown, Sandra, 1948- author.
San Francisco, Bay Area & Wine Country restaurants 2016.
Disney Princess storybook collection.
The Dead Rabbit Grocery and Grog drinks manual : secret recipes and barroom tales from two Belfast boys who conquered the cocktail world
Muldoon, Sean, author.
Power of the fire dragon
West, Tracey, 1965- author.
Journal d'un dégonflé : trop c'est trop
Kinney, Jeff.
Beauty and the beast
Howell, Hannah, author.
MAT practice questions : MAT practice tests & exam review for the Miller Analogies Test.
MAT secrets : study guide : your key to exam success : MAT exam review for the Miller Analogies Test.
Spiral. 12 : the bonds of reasoning
Shirodaira, Kyō, 1974-
Spiral. 11 : the bonds of reasoning
Shirodaira, Kyō, 1974-
Spiral. 1 : bonds of reasoning
Shirodaira, Kyō, 1974-
Spiral. Vol. 2, Bonds of reasoning
Shirodaira, Kyō, 1974-
Spiral. 7, The bonds of reasoning
Shirodaira, Kyō, 1974-
Undead and unforgiven
Davidson, MaryJanice.
Police procedural : a writer's guide to the police and how they work
Bintliff, Russell L.
Meet the Beatles : a cultural history of the band that shook youth, gender, and the world
Stark, Steven D.
The power of the center : a study of composition in the visual arts
Arnheim, Rudolf.
Spotlight : a Saint Squad novel
Abramson, Traci Hunter, author.
Eleanor and the iron king : a novel
Daines, Julie, author.
Simply Anna : a regency romance
Moore, Jennifer (Jennifer Lunt), author.
Modern mix : curating personal style with chic & accessible finds
Ross, Eddie (Designer), author.
Astro City : confession
Busiek, Kurt.
Farmhouse rules : simple, seasonal meals for the whole family
Fuller, Nancy (Chef), author.
The last of the president's men
Woodward, Bob, 1943- author.
Guess how much I love you
McBratney, Sam, author.
NCLEX-RN 2015-2016 : strategies, practice, & review with practice test
Irwin, Barbara J., author.
Tricky Twenty-Two
Evanovich, Janet
Christmas joys : decorating, crafts & recipes.
Always will : a novel
Jacobson, Melanie (Melanie Bennett), author.
Best evidence : disguise and deception in the assassination of John F. Kennedy
Lifton, David S.
Dan napustenog psa
Lamarche, Caroline.
A simply wonderful Christmas : a literary Advent calendar
Leffler, Silke.
The military and teens : the ultimate teen guide
Gay, Kathlyn.
Bobby Fischer goes to war : how the Soviets lost the most extraordinary chess match of all time
Edmonds, David, 1964-
The Penguin book of the sonnet : 500 years of a classic tradition in English
Art deco : posters and graphics
Delhaye, Jean.
All Dressed in White
Burke, Alafair
The Mistletoe Inn
Evans, Richard Paul
The Pharaoh's Secret
Brown, Graham
No Honor Among Thieves
Jance, J.A.
Dear Mr. You
Parker, Mary-Louise.
English cathedrals
Smith, Edwin, 1912-1971.
Convergences : essays on art and literature
Paz, Octavio, 1914-1998.
Cowboy fun
Dean, Frank.
Yes Yoko Ono
Munroe, Alexandra.
Rights gone wrong : how law corrupts the struggle for equality
Ford, Richard T. (Richard Thompson)
Traviss, Karen.
Grammar lessons : translating a life in Spain
Morano, Michele.
Diaghilev : a life
Scheijen, Sjeng.
Greene, Graham, 1904-1991.
Creative watercolor : step-by-step guide and showcase
Beckwith, Mary Ann.
The front porch
Heuer, Ann Rooney.
Postpartum depression demystified : an essential guide to understanding and overcoming the most common complication after childbirth
Venis, Joyce A.
Aspirin : the remarkable story of a wonder drug
Jeffreys, Diarmuid.
Nietzsche's voice
Staten, Henry, 1946-
American Indian mythology
Marriott, Alice, 1910-1992.
Ghost legion
Weis, Margaret.
Prehistoric predators
Switek, Brian, author.
Indy cars
Scheff, Matt.
The snow princess cookbook
Beery, Barbara, author.
Hereville : how Mirka caught a fish
Deutsch, Barry, author, illustrator.
Medieval LEGO
Beights, Greyson, author.
The last days of the dinosaurs
Rake, Matthew, author.
Esbenshade, Richard S.
Torchinskiĭ, O. (Oleg)
Heale, Jay.
The $25,000 flight
Houran, Lori Haskins.
Great Britain
Fuller, Barbara, 1961-
Sheehan, Sean, 1951-
Voters : from primaries to decision night
Grayson, Robert, 1951-
What's your story, Jackie Robinson?
Berne, Emma Carlson.
Giants and trolls
Peebles, Alice.
Climbing Everest
Herman, Gail, 1959- author.
Levy, Patricia, 1951-
Investigating seasons
Richard, Orlin, author.
How to live like a stone-age hunter
Ganeri, Anita, 1961-
Writing intriguing informational pieces
Vander Hook, Sue, 1949- author.
What protects us during natural disasters?
Owings, Lisa, author.
Keeping healthy
Hewitt, Sally, 1949- author.
Genetically modified food
Rissman, Rebecca, author.
Food safety basics
Laine, Carolee, author.
Creatures of the rain forest
Rake, Matthew.
One World Trade Center
Kaur, Ramandeep, author.
Learning about Australia
Owings, Lisa.
20 ways to draw a doodle and 23 other zigzags, hearts, spirals, and teardrops : a book for artists, designers, and doodlers
Taylor, Rachael (Surface pattern designer), author.
Wake up, spring
Ferrier, Florian, author.
Galapagos tortoises : long-lived giant reptiles
Hirsch, Rebecca E.
Record-breaking building feats
Richards, Jon, 1970- author.
A timeline history of the Trail of Tears
Behnke, Alison.
Meet a baby lemur
Bell, Samantha, author.
Not so ordinary
Moore, Gareth.
Basic chess openings for kids : play like a winner from move one
Hertan, Charles, author.
Hauling a pumpkin : wheels and axles vs. lever
Schuh, Mari C., 1975- author.
What are the branches of government?
Boothroyd, Jennifer, 1972-
Go, Billy, go! : being yourself
Blevins, Wiley, author.
People who help : a kids' guide to community heroes
Kreisman, Rachelle, author.
Be an adventurer
Oxlade, Chris.
They're there on their vacation
Cleary, Brian P., 1959- author.
Game changer : John Mclendon and the secret game
Coy, John, 1958-
Ebola : fears and facts
Newman, Patricia, 1958- author.
Pirates : peg legs, sabres, and eyepatches
Kaplan, Arie, author.
Smart and spineless : exploring inverterbrate intelligence
Downer, Ann, 1960- author.
Information insecurity : privacy under siege
January, Brendan, 1972-
Scheff, Matt, author.
Scheff, Matt, author.
Dirt bikes
Scheff, Matt, author.
Fuel under fire : petroleum and its perils
Goldstein, Margaret J.
The dragonsitter takes off
Lacey, Josh, author.
The great crusade : a new complete history of the Second World War
Willmott, H. P.
Chess to enjoy
Soltis, Andy, 1947-
The seven T's : finding hope and healing in the wake of tragedy
Collins, Judy, 1939-
Golf anatomy
Davies, Craig.
R.B. Kitaj
Livingstone, Marco.
Millett, Sandra.
The second coming of Joan of Arc and other plays
Gage, Carolyn.
About the house
Auden, W. H. (Wystan Hugh), 1907-1973.
America's nuclear wastelands : politics, accountability, and cleanup
Power, Max Singleton, 1942-
How good riders get good : daily choices that lead to success in any equestrian sport
Emerson, Denny.
Who spoke up? : American protest against the war in Vietnam, 1963-1975
Zaroulis, N. L.
Early American stencil designs
Tarbox, Charlene.
Muzhchiny ne v ee zhizni : roman
Irving, John, 1942-
The complete plays of Gilbert and Sullivan
Gilbert, W. S. (William Schwenck), 1836-1911.
Entrepreneurs of the old West
Dary, David.
The ultimate teen book guide
Fools crow
Welch, James, 1940-2003.
Bound to be a groom : an erotic historical novel
Mulry, Megan, author.
Olivia makes memories
Forte, Lauren, author.
Digital handmade : craftsmanship and the new industrial revolution
Johnston, Lucy.
Plotted : a literary atlas
DeGraff, Andrew, artist, author.
Sky key : an Endgame novel
Frey, James, 1969- author.
The third Riel conspiracy
Legault, Stephen, 1971- author.
The end of the line
Legault, Stephen, 1971-
Madame X
Wilder, Jasinda, author.
Rising tide
Khanna, Rajan, 1974-
Beyond the war on invasive species : a permaculture approach to ecosystem restoration
Orion, Tao, 1980-
The best American short stories 2015
Scrapbook of the dead
Bryan, Mollie Cox, 1963- author.
Bringing home the bad boy
Lemmon, Jessica, author.
Rescuing the bad boy
Lemmon, Jessica, author.
Silent city : a Claire Codella mystery
Smith, Carrie, author.
Ways to the West : how getting out of our cars is reclaiming America's frontier
Sullivan, Tim, 1978-
Saving Gotham : a billionaire mayor, activist doctors, and the fight for eight million lives
Farley, Tom (Tom Alexander), author.
The quotable Feynman
Feynman, Richard P. (Richard Phillips), 1918-1988, author.
First man : reimagining Matthew Henson
Schwartz, Simon, 1982- author.
Very in pieces
Blakemore, Megan Frazer.
DC Trip
Benincasa, Sara, author.
Future perfect
Larsen, Jen, 1973-
The Christmas Coal Man
Kulka, Joe, author, illustrator.
How to do (just about) anything on the Internet : make the Internet work for you - great advice for new users and seasoned pros alike
Wishing on baby dust : a novel
Winters, Lydia, author.
Slummy mummy
Neill, Fiona.
The company we keep : America's endangered species
Chadwick, Douglas H.
The museum: one hundred years and the Metropolitan Museum of Art.
Lerman, Leo.
The Oxford companion to music
Tennessee music : it's people and places
Zimmerman, Peter Coats.
Jonny Magic and the Card Shark Kids : how a gang of geeks beat the odds and stormed Las Vegas
Kushner, David, 1968-
My nine book
Moncure, Jane Belk.
The luncheon of the boating party
Conn, Stewart.
The curse of the ancient Acropolis : Athens, Greece
Marsh, Carole.
Traditional tatting patterns
Mime very own book
Modern American houses : four decades of award-winning design in Architectural record
Children and teens afraid to eat : helping youth in today's weight-obsessed world
Berg, Francie M.
Child obesity : a parent's guide to a fit, trim, and happy child
Rao, Goutham.
Am I fat? : the obesity issue for teens
Gay, Kathlyn.
Art deco.
Minneapolis Institute of Arts.
To the top of Mount Everest
Bodden, Valerie.
Chicago then & now
McNulty, Elizabeth, 1971-
The histories of William Shakespeare
Shakespeare, William, 1564-1616.
Tropical flowering plants : a guide to identification and cultivation
Llamas, Kirsten Albrecht.
Alias the cat!
Deitch, Kim, 1944-
The new digital video manual : an essential, up-to-date guide to the equipment, skills and techniques of digital videomaking
Hull, Robert.
Meeting at Potsdam
Mee, Charles L.
No! No! Word Bird
Moncure, Jane Belk.
Witchful thinking : a Jolie Wilkins novel
Mallory, H. P.
How to be a great communicator : in person, on paper, and on the podium
Qubein, Nido R.
The return of Pahana : a Hopi myth
Boissiere, Robert, 1914-2002.
The hobbit : the prelude to the Lord of the rings : Prima's official strategy guide
Barton, Jeff.
Road biking Colorado's Front Range
Hurst, Robert (Robert J.)
Coffee in the gourd
Dobie, J. Frank (James Frank), 1888-1964.
Greens : a country garden cookbook
Kraus, Sibella.
Dark eye : the essential David Fincher
Swallow, James.
The Alfred Hitchcock album
Haley, Michael.
Christmas graphics.
Cards : fast & fabulous projects
Sterbenz, Carol Endler.
Rock 'n' roll soldier
Kohler, Dean Ellis.
Baseball lives : mean and women of the game talk about their jobs, their lives, and the national pastime
Bryan, Mike.
Bloody Sunday : how Michael Collins' agents assassinated Britain's Secret Service in Dublin on November 21, 1920
Gleeson, James Joseph.
Seymour, Harold, 1910-1992.
Falling off the bone
Anderson, Jean, 1929-
Fishing with artificial lures.
Far beyond the fringe; three-dimensional knotting techniques using macrame & nautical ropework
Andes, Eugene.
Celtic animals charted designs
Kliffen, Ina.
Big Freedia : God save the queen diva!
Big Freedia, author.
Prometheans in the lab : chemistry and the making of the modern world
McGrayne, Sharon Bertsch.
Following Gandalf : epic battles and moral victory in the Lord of the rings
Dickerson, Matthew T., 1963-
Owls of North America and the Caribbean
Weidensaul, Scott, author.
Wall Street's think tank : the Council on Foreign Relations and the empire of neoliberal geopolitics, 1976-2014
Shoup, Laurence H., author.
The inker's shadow
Say, Allen, author.
Game of flames
Wasserman, Robin, author.
Iosif Brodskiĭ i ego semʹi︠a︡
Kelʹmovich, Mikhail, author.
Prokli︠a︡toe semi︠a︡
Mart, Mikhail.
Zhenikh i nevesta : roman
Ganieva, Alisa, 1985- author.
Dom u Chertova ozera
Korsakova, Tatʹi︠a︡na, author.
The revolutions
Gilman, Felix, author.
A Shiloh Christmas
Naylor, Phyllis Reynolds, author.
Batman: Arkham Universe : the ultimate visual guide
Manning, Matthew K., author.
Ei8ht : outcast
Albuquerque, Rafael, 1981- author, illustrator.
Killing the host : how financial parasites and debt bondage destroy the global economy
Hudson, Michael, 1939- author.
Hell's foundations quiver
Weber, David, 1952- author.
The Toltec art of life and death : a story of discovery
Ruiz, Miguel, 1952-
Matt Jensen, the last mountain man : Dakota ambush
Johnstone, William W
The Japanese lover : a novel
Allende, Isabel, author.
1000 lashes : because I say what I think
Badawī, Raif, 1984- author.
1001 TV shows you must watch before you die
The night before Christmas : a brick story
Moore, Clement Clarke, 1779-1863.
Evpraksii︠a︡ : imperatrit︠s︡a pod beloĭ vualʹi︠u︡ : roman
Antonov, Aleksandr.
Nemt︠s︡ov, Khakamada, Gaĭdar, Chubaĭs : zapiski press-sekretari︠a︡
Dubovai︠a︡, Lilii︠a︡, author.
Avosʹka s almaznym fondom : roman
Dont︠s︡ova, Darʹi︠a︡, author.
O vypivke, o Boge, o li︠u︡bvi
Guberman, Igorʹ, author.
Nochnai︠a︡ muzyka
Moyes, Jojo, 1969- author.
Minute zero
Moss, Todd, author.
Backlands : a novel of the American west
McGarrity, Michael.
The 50s : the story of a decade
All the wild that remains : Edward Abbey, Wallace Stegner, and the American West
Gessner, David, 1961-
Adventures in human being : a grand tour from the cranium to the calcaneum
Francis, Gavin, author.
The Overlook film encyclopedia. Science fiction
Base nation : how U.S. military bases abroad harm America and the world
Vine, David, 1974- author.
Shake cats
Davidson, Carli.
Crimson shore
Preston, Douglas J., author.
Good profit : how creating value for others built one of the world's most successful companies
Koch, Charles G. (Charles de Ganahl), 1935-
A more perfect union : what we the people can do to protect our constitutional liberties
Carson, Ben, author.
Wake up happy : the dream big, win big guide to transforming your life
Strahan, Michael, 1971- author.
The Grownup
Flynn, Gillian, 1971-
Becoming Nicole : the transformation of an American family
Nutt, Amy Ellis.
Seven women : and the secret of their greatness
Metaxas, Eric, author.
Unstoppable : harnessing science to change the world
Nye, Bill, author.
Agents of Babylon : what the prophecies of Daniel tell us about the end of days
Jeremiah, David, 1941- author.
The bassoon king : my life in art, faith, and idiocy
Wilson, Rainn, 1968- author.
Meyer, Marissa, author.
Deadly class. Volume 3, The snake pit
Remender, Rick, author.
Thug Kitchen : party grub.
Mean justice : a town's terror, a prosecutor's power, a betrayal of innocence
Humes, Edward.
Lego awesome ideas
Lipkowitz, Daniel, author.
I love that minifigure
Anstruther, Jen, author.
Cool paper folding : creative activities that make math & science fun for kids!
Hanson, Anders, 1980- author.
Cool flexagon art : creative activities that make math & science fun for kids!
Hanson, Anders, 1980-
Crops on the farm
Borth, Teddy.
Those forgotten places
McNab, D. Gordon.
Phantoms of the Hudson Valley : the glorious estates of a lost era
Randall, Monica.
Trópico de Cáncer
Miller, Henry, 1891-1980.
North America in colonial times : an encyclopedia for students
Dark romance : sexuality in the horror film
Hogan, David, 1953-
A Traveller's guide to the battlefields of Europe : from the siege of Troy to the Second World War
Music : hundreds of copyright-free illustrations-- all ready to use!
Means and ends : reflections on the history of fresco painting
Gombrich, E. H. (Ernst Hans), 1909-2001.
Wondrous realms of the Aegean
A wall of white : the true story of heroism and survival in the face of a deadly avalanche
Woodlief, Jennifer.
The Hawaiian steel guitar and its great Hawaiian musicians
The soul of baseball : a road trip through Buck O'Neil's America
Posnanski, Joe.
A Hand to obey the demon's eye : the life and work of the painter Norman Douglas Hutchinson
Frederic, Lord Leighton : eminent Victorian artist
Albert Moore
Asleson, Robyn, 1961-
Fight directing for the theatre
Suddeth, J. Allen.
An acrobat of the heart : a physical approach to acting inspired by the work of Jerzy Grotowski
Wangh, Stephen.
Improvisations in creative drama : a program of workshops and dramatic sketches for students
Keller, Betty.
Stage fight: swords, firearms, fisticuffs, and slapstick.
Hobbs, William, 1939-
It's about time : America's imprisonment binge
Austin, James, 1948-
A green kid's guide to composting
Lay, Richard.
Skin care & makeup tips & tricks
Kenney, Karen Latchana.
How to code : a step-by-step guide to computer coding. Book 1
Wainewright, Max.
Tools on the farm
Borth, Teddy.
Machines on the farm
Borth, Teddy.
Life on the farm
Borth, Teddy.
Morgan, Sally, 1957- author.
How do video games work?
Carmichael, L. E. (Lindsey E.), author.
Oberton : povesti
Astafʹev, Viktor, 1924-2001.
Looking good : style secrets for girls
Turnbull, Stephanie.
Accessories : style secrets for girls
Turnbull, Stephanie.
The jet engine
Kajang mŏlli innŭn na : Yun Hu-myŏng sosŏl.
Yun, Hu-myŏng, 1946-
Chamot ŭl ipŭryŏm : Yi To-u changpʻyŏn sosŏl.
Yi, To-u.
Net problem? : roman
Brown, Sandra, 1948-
Odin tolstyĭ anglichanin
Amis, Kingsley.
Prokli︠a︡ty i ubity : roman
Astafʹev, Viktor, 1924-2001.
Ŏrŭm kasi
Yi, Na-mi.
Siberian huskies : everything about purchase, care, nutrition, breeding, behavior, and training
Kern, Kerry V.
Besserdechnai︠a︡ Amanda : roman
Becker, Jurek, 1937-1997.
Hyungga : Yi, Chong-ho horŏ sosŏl.
Yi, Chong-ho, 1964-
Gentle reads : great books to warm hearts and lift spirits, grades 5-9
McDaniel, Deanna.
The book itch : freedom, truth, and Harlem's greatest bookstore
Nelson, Vaunda Micheaux.
Feeding the flying Fanellis : and other poems from a Circus chef
Hosford, Kate, author.
Google : otrazhenie : roman-gli︠u︡k
Bossart, Alla.
Becker, Jurek, 1937-1997.
Saga o Pevznerakh : roman, povestʹ, rasskazy
Aleksin, Anatoliĭ Georgievich.
Tractor Mac saves Christmas
Steers, Billy, author, illustrator.
Historical fiction for young readers (grades 4-8) : an introduction
Gillespie, John Thomas, 1928-
Vampires not invited
McCray, Cheyenne.
Short takes : brief encounters with contemporary nonfiction
Chinese fairy tale feasts : a literary cookbook
Yee, Paul, author.
The goodbye book
Parr, Todd, author, illustrator.
West Coast wild : a nature alphabet
Hodge, Deborah, author.
Treasury of Norse mythology : stories of intrigue, trickery, love, and revenge
Napoli, Donna Jo, 1948- author.
Super simple Australian art : fun and easy art from around the world
Kuskowski, Alex., author.
Super simple Scandinavian art : fun and easy art from around the world
Kuskowski, Alex., author.
Super simple Japanese art : fun and easy art from around the world
Kuskowski, Alex., author.
Super simple Mediterranean art : fun and easy art from around the world
Kuskowski, Alex., author.
Super simple Indian art : fun and easy art from around the world
Kuskowski, Alex., author.
Super simple European art : fun and easy art from around the world
Kuskowski, Alex., author.
Cool refashioned hardware : fun & easy fashion projects
Kuskowski, Alex, author.
Cool refashioned sweaters : fun & easy fashion projects
Kuskowski, Alex, author.
Cool refashioned scarves & ties : fun & easy fashion projects
Kuskowski, Alex, author.
Cool refashioned jeans : fun & easy fashion projects
Kuskowski, Alex, author.
Cool refashioned odds & ends : fun & easy fashion projects
Kuskowski, Alex, author.
Cool refashioned t-shirts : fun & easy fashion projects
Kuskowski, Alex, author.
Fall pumpkins : orange and plump
Rustad, Martha E. H. (Martha Elizabeth Hillman), 1975-
Cool outdoor activities : great things to do in the great outdoors
Kuskowski, Alex.
Cool outdoor arts & crafts : great things to do in the great outdoors
Kuskowski, Alex.
Cool maps & geocaching : great things to do in the great outdoors
Hengel, Katherine.
Cool birds & bugs : great things to do in the great outdoors
Hengel, Katherine, author.
Cool backyard camping : great things to do in the great outdoors
Kuskowski, Alex.
Cool parks & trails : great things to do in the great outdoors
Hengel, Katherine.
Smart school house crafts for kids
Dixon, Kelly, 1983- author.
Processed foods
Rissman, Rebecca, author.
Gluten-free and other special diets
Lusted, Marcia Amidon
The art of Japan, from the Jōmon to the Tokugawa period
Swann, Peter C.
Coins in the coffee cup
Khalil, Ambriehl, author.
Lonely Planet's best in travel 2016
Atkinson, Brett.
Beauty in photography : essays in defense of traditional values
Adams, Robert, 1937-
Paris café : the Sélect crowd
Fitch, Noel Riley.
Signs of life : a memoir of dying and discovery
Brookes, Tim, 1953-
A history of music education in the United States
Keene, James A., 1932-
Hockey Hall of Fame treasures
The portable Edmund Wilson
Wilson, Edmund, 1895-1972.
Conversations with Edward Albee
Albee, Edward, 1928-
With Americans of past and present days.
Jusserand, J. J. (Jean Jules), 1855-1932.
The Crown of Ptolemy
Riordan, Rick
For the Record
Huang, Charlotte
The woman who is always tan and has a flat stomach : and other annoying people
Allison, Lauren.
A crack in the wall : growing up under Hitler
Krüger, Horst, 1919-
The Great Fire of London : in that apocalyptic year, 1666
Hanson, Neil.
Bearer of a million dreams : the biography of the Statue of Liberty
Spiering, Frank.
Simón Bolívar y Manuela Sáenz : la Coronela y el Libertador
Sáenz, Jazmin.
League of the Iroquois
Morgan, Lewis Henry, 1818-1881.